Hi! I'm Javier Pérez Estrella, a digital artist from Guayaquil, Ecuador.  I have a fascination with the intricacies of everyday life, and desire to capture and connect with them led to a number of creative endeavors during my childhood years. I created: comic strips, magazines, wallets, toys, and homemade TV productions.
Creations came to a halt following the tragic death of my father. I was forced to grow up quickly and help carry the load of my family’s finances. Pain and stress stifled his desire to create, but luckily my creative block was temporary. A few years later, I dove back into the graphic design scene full force, gaining international and local recognition with my project "Instagram Experiments"
I'm focus has always been on harnessing a childlike intensity and creativity within my artwork. I look at the world through a youthful lens, finding beauty and excitement in everyday objects often overlooked by the average adult.
I describe my illustration style as minimalist, and pulls inspiration from illustrator Marta Altés, as well as surrealists Salvador Dalí and Renee Magritte. Exploring and combining different mediums, such as stop-motion animation, helps me to bring pieces to life.
The minimalist aesthetic of my work is a revolution against the oversaturated nature of today’s world. My goal is to reunite viewers with my inner child enabling them to view the world, and common objects within it, in different ways.
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International clients: Sonax Ecuador, Die ZEIT, Philosophie Magazine, Santillana, Volkswagen, Cosmopolitan, National Geographic, Money Magazine and Oprah Magazine.
Clients (Ecuador): Güitig, PacifiCard, Manicho, Pepsi

Where're you based? Guayaquil-Ecuador
How old are you? I'm 39. I was born in 11th June 1985.
What did you study? I studied Graphic Design and Audiovisual Production in ESPOL (Guayaquil).
Where do you work? I work freelance and I have my own digital agency Cafeína.
When do you learn to draw? I think I don't know how to draw, I only create doodles.
What do you use to work? I use a camera Canon T7i and Photoshop for my illustrations and Dragonframe 4 and Adobe After Effects for my stop motions.
Where I can see your latest works? You can visit my Behance profile and my Instagram account.

Where I can buy your images? You can buy me directly, just drop me an email: hello@cintascotch.com

Where I can buy your merchandising?
Now I'm selling in Redbubble and Tee Public.
If you live in Ecuador, just drop me an email for prints: hello@cintascotch.com
Some of my clients:
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