Hi, I'm Javier Pérez!

I’m an illustrator and stop motion animator. I’m also Creative Director at Cafeína (Ecuador).

IDEAL - Binders
SONAX - Stop motions 2024
SONAX - Social Media stop motions
Experimental animations (2023)
Die Zeit - Die beliebtesten Klima-Ausreden
Women's Day 2023
Cardboard Experiments 2023
Instagram Experiments 2023
Ugly Sweaters (Cervecería Nacional)
Instagram Experiments 2022
Stop motion animations (2022)
Cardboard Experiments Part. 2
Galápagos Park
Cardboard Experiments
Illustrations for UNESCO
Instagram Experiments 2021
Stop motions animations (2021)
Planner & Calendar cintascotch 2022
LiveKuna stop motions
Creative New York City
Samsung S21 Ultra - Social Media
Creative Guayaquil
5 Stages of the creative process
Time to create!
Creative music
Creative Advices x cintascotch
Stop motion animations (2020)
Coffee Lovers
Lockdown 2020
How NOT to wear a mask
Real Heroes!
French Fries Day
Women’s day
May the 4th be with you
Creative dinosaurus
Female Scientists
GÜITIG - #SomosExtraordinarios
Interior covers for the Reports of Banco del Pacífico
More Instagram Experiments! (2019)
More animations! (2019)
¡Cuánto sabemos! Covers (Santillana Spain)
Murals in "Bosque de Colores" (Ecuador)
7UP - Social animations
Stop Gun Violence
Stop motions experiments (2017-2018)
Instagram Experiments (2017-2018)
Coffee Experiments
Stop motion & Video Experiments
My book: "Dibujamos el mundo" (Barcelona, Spain)
Instagram Experiments IV
Handimals / Animanos II
Extra White Bubblemint (Australia) - Ads
National Geographic - December 2014 cover
Instagram Experiments III
Instagram Experiments II
Instagram Experiments
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